We are a geospatial data consultancy specialising in
wilderness, biodiversity, environmental, and heritage

We help organisations understand, access and deploy
modern technology to amplify their conservation impact


Using modern technology for conservation can be complicated. We are not technology evangelists.
We pride ourselves on recommending the most appropriate solution to a given conservation problem, mediated by intensive research and stakeholder consultations.


We own and operate a fleet of aerial and submarine robots capable of rapidly surveying a variety of ecosystems, and are experts at structuring, analysing and visualising geospatial data.





We help organisations understand how they can best leverage appropriate modern technology to amplify their conservation impact.



We provide training programs for conservation practitioners, community members and students on the use of location intelligence and robotic systems for conservation.



We specialise in using the latest geospatial intelligence and robotics technology to improve and enhance the collection, analysis and communication of field data.

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We are always looking to use our skills to help individuals and organisations use technology for conservation. If you think there are opportunities to collaborate, or are simply looking for advice on a project, drop us a line.

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